Hairspray Hairdo How-To With Curt Darling

Goooood morning Baltimore! Errr…..Los Angeles!

It’s official! Summer is here! If your calendar didn’t tell you then the high energy around our central city will. Word on the street is it is going to be one busy summer packed with special events all around downtown. I cannot wait! With so many events planned for the months ahead it is tough to experience them all, but I guarantee you this Friday’s event at the park is not to be missed. Here is a little hint: Baltimore, 1962, the heyday of hairdos and hair don’ts.

Yes, It’s Hairspray! Friday night’s big event will bring Baltimore 1962 to Los Angeles 2013 with a screening and dance along under the stars celebrating the 25th anniversary of John Waters’ 1988 cult classic, Hairspray. My friends and I will be there, doing “the bird” and “the bug” out on the performance lawn. Don’t leave us hanging!

Though it’s 2013, that doesn’t mean we cannot relive those Tracy Turnblad/Link Larkin glory days. This is my perfect excuse for a 60s throwback. I’ve got out the perfect 60s fashion ready to be topped off with the perfect hairdo. My friend Rebekah and I went downtown to visit another friend of mine, emmy award winning hairstylist Curt Darling. He recently opened his brand new dry cut salon on Main Street, between Winston and 5th. We wanted to learn the perfect vintage hairdo for Friday night, and Curt was gracious enough to give us some tips along the way.

Prep: (24 hours in advance) To get that greasy messy look, create texture and massage the hair up. Add liberal amounts of Hairspray. Get the hair on top of your head as if it’s an updo. Swirl the hair around and clip with one pin.


Step 1: Divide your hair in half. Do a low side part for a “Donald Trump” like combover. Tease the back half of the hair. Then make a low pony tail. Twist the pony tail tightly and twist up, holding your thumb on the inside of the twist. As you pull the twist up, release the grip for less tension.


Step 2: Bring the top of the twist back down and tuck it inside the twisted hair. Have a few clips handy to lock it in tight.


Step 3: Use an air cushioned brush to smooth the surface of the front of the hair. Grasp the middle portion of the hair (or upper part) brush over and clip tightly.


Step 4: Take the left lower part of the hair and sweep over to the right over the forehead and around, and clip.


Step 5: Swoop, clip, spray lots of hairspray and voila! Mama, welcome to the 60s!


There you have it, Ms. Hairspray Spectacular!

final copy

I recommend you finish your look with the cool new Grand Park pink sunglasses, free for you when you take Metro to Friday night’s event! See you Friday!

Joshua Levi, special to Grand Park, Downtown With Me

Curt Darling Salon, 440 S. Main Street, Los Angeles 90013, 213.426.4000